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Located in the emergent city of Lynwood, California, and only 14 miles south of downtown Los Angeles, Plaza Mexico encompasses the area bounded by Imperial Highway, Long Beach Boulevard, State Street and the 105 freeway.  It is a unique 420,000 square feet of retail, food, dining, and office space blended together with culture to create a wonderland of shopping, dining, and entertainment.


Plaza Mexico draws inspiration from prominent urban centers such as Guadalajara, Mexico City, Dolores Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Guanajuato, Taxco, and San Miguel de Allende and follows the basic principles of the ancient city of Monte Alban, located approximately 300 miles south of Mexico City.  Now an archeological site, Monte Alban was designed with a north-south access and platform structures. The spatial composition of Monte Alban’s two platforms includes a series of ceremonial spaces, plazas, and courtyards defined by massive facades.

This organization is also evident within many small towns (known as "pueblos") in Mexico. Typically, a pueblo’s main plaza is a quadrant surrounded by a church, government buildings, markets, and museums. Within the landscaped plaza there are fountains and a "kiosco", which is a raised platform used as a stage. The purpose of the plaza design is to accommodate social gatherings and public entertainment. The design also facilitates the cultural appreciation of the brilliantly colored building facades and spatial composition.

Plaza Mexico combines all these aspects in the heart of Los Angeles to transport visitors to a rich cultural landscape. 

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